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Personal Training Tailored to you

Transform Your Health

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Top-rated Personal Training Studio in Burnaby BC

Welcome to the premier destination where fitness aspirations evolve into triumphant realities – your personalized training experience in Burnaby, BC. Whether your aim is to sculpt, strengthen, or enhance overall well-being, our customized personal training services serve as the launchpad to help you not only reach but surpass your goals.

Unrivalled Personal Training for a Healthier You

At our training center, we’re more than just a gym; we’re a sanctuary where every intense session propels you toward your peak potential. Our highly qualified trainers are passionate advocates of health and fitness, committed to delivering a personalized training experience that addresses your individual needs and hurdles.

Our Philosophy

Physical fitness serves as the cornerstone of life quality and longevity. It transcends mere aesthetic changes; it fosters resilience, mental strength, and the ability to thrive in any situation. We’re committed to cultivating an environment where clients receive unwavering support on their fitness journey and are empowered to champion their own health.

Tailored Fitness Strategies

Regardless of your fitness level – whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just beginning your journey – our personal training programs are tailored to your unique objectives. Our expert trainers leverage cutting-edge training methodologies and a profound understanding of human physiology to develop customized strategies. These may include strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility exercises, and nutritional guidance, ensuring your path to success is both effective and comprehensive.

A Commitment to excellence

Your success is our priority. We’re dedicated to delivering unmatched service, offering attentive coaching, frequent progress evaluations, and adjusting your training plan as needed to optimize results. With the highest standards in place, your time at our Vancouver personal training center is guaranteed to be productive, fulfilling, and conducive to long-term health benefits.

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We have a small team to ensure the highest quality. Due to capacity, we can only accept 2-4 new clients per month. 

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Randy OrRandy Or
16:42 12 Mar 24
My experience at Orijin Yoga was nothing short of fantastic! As someone relatively new to yoga, I found the atmosphere warm and inviting. I did drop in Hot Yoga with Onkar as the instructor. He was not only knowledgeable but also incredibly friendly, making my second time practicing yoga feel comfortable and enjoyable.Opting for the hot yoga drop-in session was a great choice. The class challenged me physically, but the heat added an extra dimension that left me feeling both refreshed and energized.What truly stood out to me was the sense of community fostered at Orijin Yoga. Everyone, from the staff to fellow practitioners, exuded friendliness, creating a welcoming environment where I felt at ease.Overall, I had a lot of fun during my time at Orijin Yoga, and I look forward to returning to continue my yoga journey. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a positive and uplifting yoga experience!
Arzu AzadiArzu Azadi
04:49 28 Feb 24
Spacious room, clean, experienced instructors.free parking, easy booking
Map TieuMap Tieu
20:20 24 Feb 24
I tried the free class. Enthusiastic teachers, exciting classes, very interesting exercises.
05:10 08 Feb 24
This is my favourite yoga studio experience out of about 10 yoga studios I have tried across Vancouver. I love that I actually have space To move around in this class, and the teachers are great!
Deidre-Ann MillerDeidre-Ann Miller
18:46 03 Feb 24
I had a spectacular hot yoga class at Orijin. The instructor was really good at explaining the poses and ensuring everyone kept up. The staff is friendly and efficient.
Kenia BGKenia BG
01:46 24 Jan 24
My first time in the studio was in 2018. After a car accident I decided to tried Hot Yoga and… 💥 the best decision ever! Orijin Yoga studio not only offers the best classes but the professional instructors, a beautiful ambiance, the schedule and the most important the whole connection between body and mind. Thanks Orijin Yoga!! Great Job 👏
Saliha PatelSaliha Patel
05:36 28 Dec 23
I’ve been going to this studio for over 2 years now and it has really become like a second home to me. The staff are super friendly and you are greeted by name as soon as you enter. The instructors are knowledgable and helpful in challenging you and including varying abilities while making you feel comfortable and strong. The facilities are clean and well taken care off. Overall, I love the vibe of Orijin and I’m so happy to have started my fitness journey here.
Suzana HonjoSuzana Honjo
06:42 06 Dec 23
A Warm Haven at Orijin 10; Stars if I Could. I recently embarked on a hot yoga journey at Orijin, and the experience has been nothing short of exceptional. What sets this studio apart is their friendly staff, cute and friendly receptionist, yoga instructors and also their genuine commitment to creating a welcoming space, especially for newcomers like myself. Orijin recognizes and respect that everyone regardless of their yoga expertise, has a place in their community. It's not about selling an experience; it's about inviting you to be part of something special. A significant contributor to this warm (no pun intended 😄) atmosphere is the incredible instructor, Aileen. Her dedication and knowledge are apparent in every session. What's truly remarkable is her personal touch, she knows each student by name, fostering a sense of belonging that goes beyond the mat. In a recent encounter, Aileen went above and beyond, extending her support beyond the yoga class. She took the time to address a personal matter I shared, and in the next class, she brought additional information to assist me. This level of care reflects the genuine connections fostered at Orijin. In summary, I couldn't be more pleased with my experience at Orijin. If I could, I would give it 10 stars without hesitation.The community, Aileen's personalized guidance, and the overall positive vibe make Orijin more than a hot yoga studio it's a haven where you not only practice yoga but truly belong.
Sheldan ManansalaSheldan Manansala
04:11 22 Jun 23
I practiced at Origin Yoga for 3 months and my experience was nothing short of delightful. The only reason I didn't continue my membership was I moved away from town.The staff is super welcoming, the studio is very clean and there is lots of space to practice! Great place for beginners and advanced users alike. Highly recommend!

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Why Choose Burnaby's Top-Rated Personal Training Studio?

From the vibrant cityscape to the tranquil coastal vistas, Burnaby, BC, provides a picturesque setting for those embarking on a transformative fitness journey. What sets our personal training services apart is our unwavering focus on you—the client—as the cornerstone of our approach.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Our state-of-the-art training facility offers an extensive array of equipment to suit every exercise routine. From cutting-edge resistance machines to classic free weights and innovative functional training gear, our dynamic environment ensures you stay engaged and motivated throughout your workout.

Diverse Training Offerings

Flexibility is paramount in personal training. That’s why we offer a diverse range of training options to accommodate all preferences and needs. Whether you prefer the camaraderie of group sessions, the focused attention of one-on-one training, or specialized programs like post-injury rehabilitation and sports-specific conditioning, we’ve got you covered.

Sustainable Approach

We promote a sustainable approach to fitness, emphasizing the integration of exercise into your lifestyle in enjoyable and meaningful ways. Our goal is to foster consistency and a lifelong dedication to health by educating and motivating you. We provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain optimal condition independently.

A Supportive Community

When you join us, you’re not just accessing personal training—you’re becoming part of a community. InteracaWhen you join us, you’re not merely enrolling in personal training; you’re joining a community. Connect with like-minded fitness enthusiasts, exchange experiences, and support each other throughout your journey. Our culture fosters camaraderie and shared goals, ensuring you’re never alone on your fitness adventure.t with fellow fitness enthusiasts, share experiences, and bolster each other every step of the way. Our culture is one of camaraderie and shared ambition, ensuring you never feel alone on your fitness expedition.

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Explore our diverse range of classes, including 26 & 2, yin yoga, flow yoga, pilates, and fitness classes, to find the perfect fit for your wellness journey.

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